Vicky&winson Rose aromatherapy essential oils

Water-soluble aromatherapy essential oil

Aromatherapy is an ancient aromatherapy, from ancient Egyptian rose after the palace filled with roses, the Tang Dynasty Yang with the flowers soak bath luxury enjoyment, to today, Europeans as a daily necessities of life for the maintenance of life The smell of fresh air, aromatherapy has slowly approached us. Thai aromatherapy essential oils, extract the essence of plants, not only has a special flavor, but also has a magical effect.

Specifications: 30 ml

Efficacy: different aromatherapy essential oils, different effects

Usage: spray humidifier, spray aromatherapy machine for each drop 1-2 drops, like the Sauvignon, and more 1-2 drops, or light plus. Water-soluble, easy to clean the humidifier, it is recommended to clean the humidifier every day Oh, to ensure clean and sanitary
Different aroma, use different:

Home purifying air:
Role: to relax emotions, ease anxiety and depression, soothe the nerves of sleep, calm decompression
Recommended flavor: rose, lavender, cherry, jasmine, lily, sandalwood
Removal of odor in public places:
Role: to remove the smell, deworming, purify the air
Recommended fragrance: lemon grass, egg flowers, sandalwood
Work environment refreshing:
Role: refreshing Xingnao, stimulate vitality, warm emotions, concentration
Recommended fragrance: lemon grass, sweet orange, peach, sea, vanilla
Aromatherapy Yoga:
Role: balance the body and mind, calm and relaxation of nerves, help meditation
Recommended flavor: lotus, lavender, rose, lily,
Different rooms, different aroma

Comfortable sleep: Yilan, sandalwood, roses
Relax mood: jasmine, lavender, egg flowers
living room
Sent to welcome, chat hospitality: roses, lemon
Fresh and pleasant, natural aroma: lavender, rosemary, lemon grass, citronella
Office |
Energetic, improve efficiency: lemon, mint, chamomile, lemon grass, green tea

Magic formula, utility doubled

Double passion passion: jasmine + rose
Reading enhance memory: lavender + rosemary + sandalwood
Sleep peacefully sleep: lavender + jasmine
Improve work efficiency: lavender + rosemary + peppermint + lemon
Meditation meditation meditation: sandalwood + lavender
Aromatic insect repellent: lavender + lemon grass
Thai Aromatherapy essential oils storage method:

Most essential oils are very sensitive to light, heat and oxygen (air), so how to preserve the essential oil is directly related to the preservation of the quality of the length of different oil retention period is not the same.
Sensitive to lemon oil and European tar. The two oils can be stored in a sealed bottle for about a year. In order to ensure the quality of essential oils unchanged, it is recommended to be placed in the refrigerator.
Peppermint oil, fennel oil, and essential oils extracted from plant xylem and flowers are fairly stable and non-perishable.
Some essential oils are similar in character to wine, ie the longer the year of storage, the better the quality of the oil. Such oils include sandalwood oil, rose and jasmine oil.

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