Premium Metal Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

idgeting with Infinity Cube will improve your focus, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand. It’s the perfect office desk accessory, allowing you to fidget with one hand and work with the other.


Product name:

Metal Infinity Cube


Why to play a Infinity Cube:

Take a break and fold it over and over again while you brainstorm ideas.A fidget break while studying or working will relieve the built up anxiety and stress, clearing your mind to tackle that project.


The Infinity Cube is made from premium materials
Each sub cube is precisely machined and assembled to form an overall size of 4cm cubed.When laid flat, Infinity Cube is only 2cm thick, no thicker than your wallet,  and easily pocket-able.


The size of the folds is 4cm*4cm*4cm
The size of the expansion is 8cm*4cm*2cm

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