Infinity Cube Prime Fidget Finger Toy

 This box is called "Infinity Cube", is "infinite square", is actually quite consistent with its shape. The  bodies of eight cubes can turn from any direction and angle. There is no limit at all. 
 You can play with one hand and play with both hands. Go to work, play, play at home, read, play, walk, play,  without any limitation of the scene, and then "severe" ADHD can also be cured. 
 No corners are cut in the fabrication of each Infinity Cube. Every component of the Infinity Cube is made from  premium materials, CNC machined, and hand finished.    
 Each sub cube is precisely machined and assembled to foreman overall size of 40mm cubed.When laid flat,  Infinity Cube is only 20mm thick, no thicker than your wallet. 
 Playing with an infinite cube will improve your concentration and focus your attention on the task at hand. This  is the perfect desk accessory that lets you fidget with one hand and work with the other. 

Material: ABS Plastic 
Color: White, Blue White 
Product size: approx. 4x4x4cm/1.57x1.57x1.57in 
Expanding size: approx. 8x4x2cm/3.14x1.57x0.78in 

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