Foot Roller Massage for Relief Plantar

Foot Roller Reflexology – Both massage roller and the spiky balls can be relief plantar fasciitis and used on your hands, forearms, shoulders, back, feet, hamstrings etc offer a stimulating effect and increases circulation throughout the entire body
Practical Construction - Made from safe, Non-toxic, No chemical smell, washable and durable TPR and PVC material, these massage balls and foot rollers are designed to last. No need assembly and easy to use
Treatment Plantar Fasciitis - Great to massage tired achy feet and treatment plantar fasciitis. Just by simply rolling your feet on this foot massager times a day to treat muscle spasms, release tight and knotted muscles, relieve pain and pressure
Ease Muscles Soreness - the massage roller and balls are not wood quality so will not cause hurt or tickle feeling. Just enjoying gentle massage but useful relief muscle pain. This set is good for different use purposes

Roller Product size: 16.5x6.5cm
Ball Product size: 7.5cm Diameter
Material: Elastomer TPE, high strength PU, Internal steel bearings 

Package Included : 

1 x Roller
2 x Spiky Ball
1 x Roller
2 x Spiky Ball 

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