Electric Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Humidifier





Features and specifications:





Changing LED light color automatically, you can choose one color to suit you
Aromatherapy diffuser, the ultrasonic technology turns the water and water-soluble essential oil into mist, improving and relaxing your mood.

• Color: Blue, pink
• Tank capacity: 100 ml
• Input volt: 100-240 V
• Usage time: 3/6 hours
• Material: ABS & PP
• Timing gear: 60 minutes

• Humidify: Humidifies the air in the room regardless of summer or winter, refresh the air quality, adjust the room temperature.
• Beauty: Used as skin care, keeps skin healthy and moist
• Purify: Neutralizes static, reduce infection of skin, air cleaner
• Relaxation: Aromatherapy, relieve strain and ease stress
• Decoration: Warms atmosphere in the room by adding perfume or essential oil in the atomizer tank










Package includes:
• 1 x Aroma diffuser
• 1 x Plug
• 1 x Measuring cup
• 1 x User manual

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