300ML Aroma Lamp Air Mist Humidifier

Product Description:

Aroma Humidifier

1. Interval & timer working mode  

2. Auto Power off on low water

3.Easy and state to use.


Natural eco-friendly material, Good for our health !


1. Product use time: About 16 hours.

2. The mist intensity and amount produced will vary and its normal and should not be considered as a fault. 

3. Factors that affect above reason should include water type, humidity, temperature, air currents.

4. Auto power off when water runs out.

5. Applies only 100% natural essential oils, if they contain chemical ingredients, flavors, or impurities may cause damage.

6. Before replacing another essential oil, please follow the maintenance part to clean the unit.


Package included:

1* Humidifier
1* Manual

1* Water Measure Cup

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