2 Pcs Natural jade hand Massage ball

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Product type







As showed in the picture. The colour of each   product   may have a little difference,because they are all natural.


1.8x1.6 inches (45x40 mm)    

Size error exist,1-3mm.

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Approximately 197g(0.43lb)

Place of Origin:


Wax on the surface


Attached string


A silk bag as gift for free



Carton and bubble wrap

Unit Type

1pack=2 pieces

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Usually 15-45 work days after payment confined if we use AliExpress standard shipping.

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ESCROW, credit card, deposit card,etc.

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Fuction     :Hand ball massager, which made of xiuyan jade, commonly used to increase the strength of the hands, dredge the blood, enhance the respond ability of the brain.Deep brain stimulation has shown promise in treatments of Parkinson’s disease.There are many needle on the surface,used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries,acupuncture point stimulus and regulating channels, improving local blood circulation and lessening pain.All the pictures are taken from actual items. Please feel free to buy.

Note   : 

  1. As the small components, please avoid children eating, it may arouse choking.
  2. Do not wash it with vinegar and household disinfectant.
  3. Each jade or crystal is approximately size but the jade or crystal size, color and shape can vary slightly since this gemstone is created naturally and each one is unique. Please expect slight variations.
  4. Please ensure that fill out your full name, correct post code and telephone number.
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