180ml Duck Shape Ultrasonic Humidifier

Product descriptions: 
The particle can eliminate static electricity, reduce the screen radiation of the computer to the eye damage. 
Reduce air pollution and smog pollution and improve air quality. 
Increase humidity in the air and protect skin. 
It can eliminate static electricity, reduce computer radiation, solve the dry eyes caused by computer, improve the surrounding environment and make breathing more healthy. 
The silicon rubber ring is designed to prevent leakage, the bottom is equipped with silicone pads, anti-shock and anti-slip, and the details are humanized.
This humidifier can't add perfume or essential oil! 

Product category: the USB humidifier and the perfumer 
Patent type: patent for appearance design 
Patent number: 201430389754.1 
The source of the patent: yes 
Color: yellow 
Product size: 85  X 80 X 108mm/3.35 X 3.15 X 4.25in 
Material: ABS(spray rubber oil) + electronic component + cotton core 
Capacity: 180ML 
Spray: 80ml/hour 
Gear: 3 files 

1 X Yellow Duck Humidifier

1 X USB Charging Line

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